Friday, May 29, 2009

Nebraska Ben v.s. Washington Ben

Once again Senator Ben Nelson appears to be advocating a policy position he had previously led Nebraskans to believe he did not support.

According to an article entitled "Nelson Now Open to Public Health Care, Baucus Will Fight for It" published yesterday in the Huffington Post Sen. Nelson "backed off his opposition to a public [health care] option in a meeting with health care advocates . . . " Previously Nelson had told various business groups and others that he would not support government run health care.

Clearly there are two Ben Nelsons. There's the Nebraska Ben Nelson who claims he's a moderate and supports job creators. Then there's Washington Ben, who is beholden to liberal special interest groups that fund his campaigns and their radical agendas.

Recent estimates of The Lewin Group, a health-policy consulting firm, suggest that the policies that Sen. Nelson now appears to support will put some 120 million Americans in a position were they would lose their private health insurance coverage. This is simply due to the fact that many employers would have to stop offering plans to their employees. A recent issue of National Review does a nice job laying out what lies ahead if Washingon Ben has his way.

Looks like Sen. Nelson wants the federal government to run our health care system--the same federal government that gave us the subprime mortgage crisis and corporate bailouts. If he is successful it could cost the Nebraska insurance industry thousands of jobs, while forcing us into socialized medicine.

Ask yourself--How many Americans go to Canada for medical care?

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