Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nebraska Constitutional Officers Support Fahleson for National Committeeman

This week I was fortunate to receive the endorsement of three of Nebraska's outstanding constitutional officers:  Secretary of State John Gale, Attorney General Jon Bruning and State Treasurer Don Stenberg.

I have known and worked with all three gentlemen for a long, long time, both professionally as well as in our respective political capacities.  Secretary of State Gale, a former Nebraska Republican Party Chairman himself, hails from North Platte and understands what role the National Committeeman must play in working for all Nebraskans.  Attorney General Jon Bruning is a conservative hero in Nebraska and throughout the nation for his efforts to have ObamaCare declared unconstitutional (soon we will be thanking him once again once the Court issues its decision this month).  State Treasurer Don Stenberg is a Republican stalwart, fighting for conservative principles in each and every endeavor he has undertaken. 

I am very, very grateful to have their support in my bid to become Nebraska's next Republican National Committeeman. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

National GOP Leader/Former NCM Duane Acklie Endorses Mark Fahleson

I have always had the utmost respect for Duane Acklie, an accomplished lawyer, successful businessman, and counselor to Republican presidents who honorably served as Nebraska's Republican National Committeeman.  I am especially grateful that Duane has endorsed my bid to serve in the position he held for 20 years:
"An articulate, focused, and driven National Committeeman is very important to Nebraska.  I have known Mark Fahleson since he graduated from law school.  He has the background, education, drive, and ability to serve Nebraska and our nation as Committeeman.  He is the most highly qualified and motivated person I know to be Republican National Committeeman for Nebraska. I am honored to join Senator Johanns, Governor Heineman, and others in endorsing Mark Fahleson."  The Honorable Duane Acklie 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

President Romney: Day One

A Romney Presidency includes swift approval of the Keystone Pipeline blocked by Obama to curry favor with the radical environmentalists.   Our country is in need of leadership, and Obama has proven that he is, in the words of former President Clinton, an "amateur."

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to Become a Delegate to the Republican National Convention

If you live in Nebraska (i.e., not Bob Kerrey), are a Republican (i.e., not Bob Kerrey), and want to find out how to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention, read this week's edition of my Chairman's Report to find out the nitty gritty details.

The deadline for submitting the Notice of Intent is May 25.

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Chair of Nebraska College Republicans Endorses Mark Fahleson for NCM

Andrew LaGrone, the newly-elected Chair of the Nebraska College Republicans, joins Sen. Mike Johanns and Gov. Dave Heineman in endorsing Mark Fahleson to become Nebraska's next Republican National Committeeman:

"During his term as Chairman of the Nebraska Republican Party, Mark Fahleson has always made it a point to reach out and support College Republicans.  He has worked tirelessly to help CR and other youth organizations develop leaders, ensuring effective conservative leadership for our state for years to come.  Mark's vision, proven record, and commitment to conservative principles will make him a valuable asset to both Nebraska and the Republican National Committee.  I am honored to support him in his effort to become Nebraska's Republican National Committeeman."  Andrew LaGrone, Chair, Nebraska College Republicans

Friday, May 4, 2012

Governor Heineman Endorses Mark Fahleson for National Committeeman

I am pleased to announce that Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has officially endorsed my candidacy for Republican National Committeeman:

“For over 25 years Mark Fahleson has labored on  behalf of our Republican Party, doing the “blocking and tackling” necessary to achieve victory for our candidates and conservative principles.  Mark has been an outstanding Nebraska Republican Party Chair, guiding our party through the historic 2010 elections and leading the effort to create an open U.S. Senate seat in 2012.  Mark’s service on the local, state and national level is appreciated, and he understands what it takes to be a successful member of the Republican National Committee.  I wholeheartedly support Mark Fahleson in his bid to become our Republican National Committeeman.”  Governor Dave Heineman