Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Real Question: Where's Ben?

Today had to be an interesting day for Senator Ben Nelson.
On one side (that would be the left one), the Nebraska Democrat Party recently passed a resolution urging Nelson and his fellow members of Congress "to vote for such health care reform proposals that contain a robust public option at all stages of the legislative process including conference and reconciliation, and encourage legislators to pass such reform." Let's face it--this was meant for an audience of one--Ben Nelson. This is getting tremendous play on the liberal blogs, including Huffington Post.
On the other side (the rationale middle and reasonable right) Nelson was forced to answer to stories running on KRVN, KFAB and KLIN radio regarding his refusal to take a definitive stand on health care and to say once and for all how he will vote on cloture; a vote in favor will be the clearest sign to date that he has no intentions of running for reelection in 2012. Despite being in the heat of the health care battle, today Nelson was still telling people he hadn't made up his mind, refusing to follow the bold and courageous lead of Sen. Joe Lieberman, who announced his opposition to the latest version of the Senate's government takeover legislation. After all, Nelson himself has said that any health care legislation is not "legitimate" unless it garners at least 65 votes in the Senate.
What's a guy--someone who has taken so many (and so few) positions on this issue depending upon whether he was in Nebraska or Washington--to do?
Meanwhile, the Nebraska Democrat Party, perhaps feeling bad about their resolution and the effect it was having on Nelson, sent out a press release asking where Governor Dave Heineman is on health care reform.
Really? Are you serious?
Here's a brief civics lesson for my friend Vic Covalt and his fellow Democrats: Ben Nelson is in the U.S. Senate. Dave Heineman is Governor of Nebraska. The U.S. Senate is currently debating a proposed government takeover of health care. The Unicameral is not. Senator Nelson will soon have to vote on the Democrat's proposal. Governor Heineman will not.
The more appropriate heading for the Democrat's press release should be:
Where's Ben Nelson on health care reform?


  1. But doesnt Gov. Heineman have a stance on how reform could and should work in our state? Reasonable to answer. I can only imagine costs of health insurance will come up in the budget session right? I mean at least for the Beatrice families.

  2. Quite a few state employees, I believe, have state paid health insurance. So I would expect the governor in trying to balance the state budget would be very concerned about health care reform. Especially how it could reduce the state's costs. And what's the "rationale" middle? Spell-checker won't help you here. A dictionary might. Maybe you can explain the rationale of the Republicans being the party of No.

  3. I know the Governor is concerned about health care reform. He has publicly stated as much. The problem, however, is that the Democrats' proposed "solutions" aren't solutions, but will only exacerbate the problem and burden our children and grandchildren with an insurmountable debt that will endanger the very future of our country. The Democrats have added over $800 billion to the deficit JUST THIS YEAR--how much government spending is too much for collectivist-minded Democrats?

    Medicare will be bankrupt by 2017. Amtrak is broke and losing money with each additional passenger. The Postal Service is rife with inefficiency. What makes liberals think that the federal government can make anything more efficient?

    If being the "party of NO" means being opposed to the nationalization of industries and the takeover of our health care system by the federal government, so be it.

    Republicans have proposed over 800 bills and amendments this Congress to address the problems in health care--not a single one has been passed by the Democrat Congress.