Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Message for Ben Nelson

The results are now in. The Democratic agenda and arrogance have been resoundingly rejected in the bluest of states.

For our nation, the election of Scott Brown represents a complete repudiation of the Reid/Pelosi health care plan and lack of integrity. One of Brown's election themes was that voters should send him to Washington to be the "41st vote." Stated another way, vote for me and we put the kibosh on the Democrat arrogance in Washington.

But what does Senator-elect Brown's victory mean specifically for Nebraska?

First, the national political press is reporting that Democratic insiders are blaming Sen. Ben Nelson and his Cornhusker Kickback for candidate Martha Coakley's loss. Could it be that Washington Ben Nelson's sleazy backroom deal will go down in history as the proverbial straw that broke the donkey's back?

There's still time for Nebraska Ben Nelson to do the right thing. I call upon Ben Nelson to join his fellow Democrat Senator Jim Webb (D-Va) and demand that Congress suspend all votes on health care legislation until Senator-elect Scott Brown is seated. Moreover, Senator Nelson must demand that Congress START OVER on health care reform and work in a bipartisan fashion to develop common-sense, incremental reforms that do not involve a government takeover of 1/6 of our economy. Fail to do both of these and rest assured Nebraskans will give Ben the boot.

Second, Sen. Brown's election is further evidence of the futility of Tom White's candidacy for Congress. Tom White has said he "stands with Ben Nelson" on health care reform. Want to retract that? It's now clear that Nebraska and the entire nation think Ben Nelson's position and tactics on health care reform stink to high heaven. What happened in Massachusetts doesn't stay in Massachusetts.

Nebraskans know that Congressman Lee Terry represents a check-and-balance on the arrogant Pelosi agenda. Tom White? By committing to vote for Nancy Pelosi's health care bill and standing with Ben Nelson and his sleazy tactics, Tom White told Nebraskans all they need to know.


  1. Could it also mean that voters dont like being taken for granted in a state that is dominated by one party?

    Hmm...sounds more like bad news for your party Mark than anything else.

    But keep up the arrogance on your side--Brunning is the most recent example.

  2. Hmmm. And how do you explain the results in Virginia?

  3. Mark, your logic is flawed. Your arrogance is legendary. But I'll give you this ... the current health care bill, after tons of pork, railcars full of self serving b.s., and amendments that have nothing at all to do with reforming health care were added to it, really isn't what I had hoped for either.

  4. Jane,

    With all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about. I lived for many years in Massachusetts before moving to Nebraska. I have many friends and family who live and are voters there. I have never experienced arrogance here like that of many office holders in Massachusetts. Frankly, the closest thing to arrogance that I've seen in Nebraska has been Sen Nelson's (awfully expensive - where's THAT money coming from?)campaign to justify his vote on "health care". He seems to think that if he spends a million dollars (where IS all that money coming from? Has he sold his vote AGAIN??) on TV advertising, that Nebraskans will forget that he sold his vote. As Mark warned, (By) "standing with Ben Nelson and his sleazy tactics, Tom White told Nebraskans all they need to know."

  5. It would be nice if all the elected officials paid attention to what the voters are looking for. We need to encourage the Republicans in our delegation to make and keep a pledge of NO Earmarks ever again. We also need to encourage the Congress to actually cut spending and significantly reduce the size of the federal government. I will have a hard time voting for incumbents just because they are Republicans but have not pledged to change how they govern.

  6. This sends a clear message to electeds around the nation.-Particularly Ben Nelson. Americans are ready for REAL change, not the allegory of change Obama proclaimed in 2008.

  7. The election in Mass. was an incredible learning lesson for D's and R's. The Dems need to focus on listening to the people. They knew the public was not on their side with many of the things they proposed- the anger swelled and they paid the price. I hope the Reps learn that 2010 is not a lock. 1994 didn't have these special elections as warning to Dems. The Reps need to understand that these candidates ran primarily on conservative principles and ran issue campaigns. I frankly, Brown demonstrated that the national leadership of the party should stay out. Provide funds where needed but endorsements just fuel to the opponents fire. Regardless if the lessons learned, this will be an interesting year in politics.

  8. I posit that most Americans want the same thing; prosperity (not necessarily equality) for themselves and those around them. All governmental policies should be evaluated on their effect on that prosperity, irrespective of the party of its supporters. Arrogance is destructive to prosperity, and it is alive and well on both sides of the debate. Does the American public know the best way to increase their prosperity? Usually, but they definitely know what they do not want and what would hinder that prosperity. For elected officials to pursue policy that the majority of Americans do not wish to have put in place is arrogance at its best. As representatives for their constituents, any vote that would support an unwanted policy is to fail in their sworn duty. If they cannot make a compelling argument which leads to the public’s desire for a policy, the only truly responsible act for the elected is to vote against such a policy. Anything else should be cause for their removal from office. Although the United States is a classless society, there is a governing class. It is the citizens of voting age that are qualified to elect those which they wish to have represent them. If voters would wield their power in a constructive way, prosperity would flourish for all. And in its wake, the arrogance of the elected would surely fall away.