Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Culture--Observations on the Passing Scene

As I sit home tonight with my 3 daughters (with my wife out of town), I've been confronted with America's changing culture and to observe what's good and what's not so good in America.

While flipping through channels tonight, we came across a channel featuring people cheering and protesting in New York.  When my daughters asked what the commotion was about, I changed the subject.  I'm not sure 13, 10, or 8 years old is an appropriate age to tell my daughters that policy makers decided that the State of New York should give its stamp of approval on homosexual marriage.  Opinions obviously vary, but it's a legitimate debate whether government should give its imprimatur.  I, as well as the Nebraska Republican Party, support the concept of marriage being one man and one woman.  

Instead, we flipped the channel to the College World Series game of South Carolina versus Virgina, which is now well into extra innings.  It's about what's good and right in America.  Young men competing, out for out, bunt for bunt.  It's a classic battle, one of virtue, and one that will go down in CWS history.

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