Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Observations on a Clear Night

So I was cruising the Internet tonight to see what my Democrat friends are up to. A couple of interesting observations from the Nebraska Democratic Party website:

1. If you are going to have awards honoring former Governor/former Senator Bob Kerrey, I would suggest you spell his name correctly. If you want to name an award after Sen. John Kerry, then by all means do so, although I'm not sure what connection he has with Nebraska.

2. My friend and Neb. Democratic Chair Vic Covalt decided to issue a press release attacking Governor Heineman's selection of "Kerrey" Winterer as the new Director of Health and Human Services. First, it's "Kerry" (there we go again). Second, Kerry, as an attorney and expert on benefit issues, is imminently well-qualified for position. Better yet, the press release appears just one slot ahead of another Democrat post applauding Sen. Nelson's work to get his former Lt. Gov. Maxine Moul another government job.

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