Thursday, July 2, 2009

Report Tom White!

I previously called on Democrat State Senator Tom White to denounce the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s attack ads against Congressman Lee Terry. Instead, White has only proven to be a rubber stamp for Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Washington Democrats.

White’s intentions are clear; he intends to run for Congressman Terry’s seat in 2010 and he’s letting the DCCC act on his behalf. Voters need to know now that Tom White plans a divisive and negative campaign against Congressman Terry. We intend to give voters an opportunity to voice their concerns.

For this reason we have established a hotline for people to call with specific information on the negative campaign tactics of Tom White.

Call 402-441-0799.

Just yesterday, the Omaha World Herald levied heavy criticism on the DCCC for their tactics. They called the attack ads “unfair”, a “sophomoric game of gotcha”, and an attempt to “throw mud at incumbent lawmakers”. White’s silence equates to an agreement that these types of negative ads are not only acceptable, but they are merely the beginning. The hotline will give Nebraskans a way to report the instances of White’s mudslinging.

With this Hotline Voters can call in and report White’s negative campaign tactics, their various experiences with the State Senator and their concerns about his liberal positions and votes in the Nebraska Legislature.


Report Tom White


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  1. Listen up folks. That is your very own Marky Mark channeling Flush Rambo! To get your own, personalized set of marching orders from the titular head of the RNC, call 1-800-282-2882.