Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tommy Obama?

To no one's surprise Democrat State Senator Tom White is taking the traditional next step towards announcing that he plans to run for the House of Representatives in 2010. According to an article in this morning's Omaha World-Herald, White is forming an exploratory committee that will permit him to raise and spend campaign funds without officially announcing his candidacy.

Based upon the article, it appears that White is hitching his star to President Barack Obama:

"[White] said the party needs to capitalize on President Barack Obama winning an electoral vote in the 2nd Congressional District.

“The Obama people are still here. The people who were energized by his campaign, the people who filled the convention center (for an Obama visit) are still here, the people who came to the caucuses are still here,” said White.

So White plans to run as Tommy Obama?

A few thoughts:
  • President Obama won't be on the ballot in the 2nd District in 2010. Instead, the 2010 election will be about a landslide re-election for Governor Dave Heineman, Attorney General Jon Bruning, State Treasurer Shane Osborn, State Auditor Mike Foley and Secretary of State John Gale. And who is it that is driving turnout for the Democrats?
  • The 2010 election will be a referendum on Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Congress. Don't believe me? Ask Omaha Democrat Paul Landow, who was formerly the top aide to 2nd District Democrat Congressman Peter Hoagland--the last Democrat to represent the 2nd District. 2010 will be 1994 all over again. We're just 6 months into the current congressional session and the House Democrats have managed to pass legislation increasing our tax burden, expanding the federal government, indebting our children and grandchildren, and eliminating the freedoms we hold dear. That's the agenda Tom White wants to get to Washington to support. Nebraska voters understand that Congressman Lee Terry represents a check-and-balance on this looniness coming out of Washington.
  • White will be forced to deal with: (a) an ineffective Omaha Mayor--Jim Suttle--who is the primary representative of the Democratic Party in the 2nd District; or (b) a Republican Omaha Mayor who will have replaced Suttle after he is recalled later this year.
  • Regardless of the national political environment or state of Omaha City Hall in November 2010, White will be forced to face his own record in the state legislature as one of the most partisan, divisive and arrogant legislators in Nebraska history. That will be contrasted with Congressman Lee Terry, an affable Omahan who is widely recognized by his bipartisan efforts in the House of Representatives.


  1. Think about all that you've accomplished in the last 10 years. Here's all that Congressman Lee Terry has accomplished... H.R.4615 - To redesignate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 3030 Meredith Avenue in Omaha, Nebraska, as the "Reverend J.C. Wade Post Office". One bill in just over a decade - to rename a post office. Just think what he could accomplish in another 10 years.

  2. Geez Mark, how damned ignorant do you have to be to continue to use the word Democrat rather than the proper term - Democratic? Have you been living in a cardboard box? What is the proper term for your party - Republic, as in Banana Republic? We can have a discourse without the childish little digs, well, most Democrats can. Me, I'm even too snarky for my own party.

    So White is going to build on the ass-kicking you guys got delivered in CD2 last year? That makes sense to me. What should he do, reject all the gains the Democratic Party (see, that's how you use the proper name of my party, try to remember it if you can) made in 2008, roll over and let your ineffective boy have his way with him. I don't think so.

    You say the House Democrats have increased our taxes? Well, duhhh! Somebody has to pay off the incredible debt your party's administration ran us into over the previous eight years. Who's going to do it? Do you expect us to just keep passing that debt down from generation to generation, or do you expect the generation that ran the debt up to accept responsibility for it? And here I was told you guys were the fiscal conservatives. Silly me!

    And Obama's administration has eliminated freedoms? What the heck is that stuff you've got in that bong, Mark?

    So you say White is partisan, divisive and arrogant? Why were all those things attributes when displayed by George W. Bush? Just because the shoe is on the other foot it is uncomfortable?

    Personally, I kind of like partisan, divisive and arrogant S.O.B.s when they're standing up for the things that I believe in. I'd much rather have a Democrat with intestinal fortitude representing us in Washington than some namby-pamby whose greatest accomplishment is renaming a freaking post office.

    It's too bad that I won't be able to vote for Mr. White, since I live in the 3rd CD, but I've had a beer with the guy (he paid) and kind of liked him. Actually, I found him quite affable.

  3. Glad to hear state Democratic officials are openly expresslying their support for "partisan, divisive and arrogant S.O.B.s."

  4. Yo, Mark. I'm no longer a state Democratic official. I resigned my commission over a week ago. So, what I have to say is my own personal opinion.

    My penchant for being a partisan, divisive and arrogant S.O.B. - stating exactly what is on my mind - is what got me into trouble, and it is what I wish all Nebraska Democrats would be. Maybe then we'd get something accomplished!

    I do not subscribe to the movement within the NDP that demands fealty to its elected "leaders" and the necessity to join the Kumbaya circle. I am one of those that is so fed up with the way the Republican party has messed up this state, and brainwashed its citizens into thinking they've done a good job, that I figured I am better off in the role as one attending the parade that shouts, "The Emperor has no clothes!" And Mark ... I see naked people ... everywhere.