Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nebraska Democrats: If Ben Nelson Calls . . . .

It's September 1, and the Nebraska Democrats still do not have a candidate for Governor.

Or Secretary of State. Or Attorney General. Or Treasurer. Or Auditor. The list of offices goes on and on.

And it's not for a lack of trying. Based upon reports from Nebraska Democrats and the political press, Sen. Ben Nelson has been beating the bushes looking for a candidate who is crazy enough to challenge Governor Dave Heineman. Yes, that same Dave Heineman who has a 63 percent approval rating among Nebraska voters according to a recent poll by the liberal Daily Kos.

The NEGOP will give Sen. Nelson credit when credit is due. He can be a very persuasive man when he has to be. Some have even called him a sycophant.

Just ask Stormy Dean, Tony Raimondo or any of the other failed Democrat candidates Ben Nelson has worked hard to convince to run for public office.

So, if you are a Nebraska Democrat and Ben Nelson calls, you might want to think twice before taking his call.


  1. Hey Mark...Wake up and smell the coffee...The NEGOP has been equally remiss in promoting potential candidates. One thing we do know...it won't be Shane Osborn. Too bad there isn't a solid third party of conservatives in Nebraska. How about doing your job?

  2. In a letter to the editor of the Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska Democratic Party State Chair, Vic Covalt, wrote that you wrote, "Don't Drink the Skool-Aid - KEEP THEM HOME!" on your Twitter account.

    Did you really TWEET that?

    Why then, was it OK when Presidents Reagan and G.H.W. Bush did the exact same thing? Honestly, Mark, you need to go back to school and listen to your teachers this time around. You obviously missed a lot the first time you went.

  3. BTO:

    Read today's Letter to the Editor in the Lincoln Journal-Star for my response to Covalt's silly letter.

  4. OK, Mr. Fahleson, I read your reply in the LJS.

    So, basically, you have compounded the lie with more lies. I see where you are coming from. Problem is, I'm not a one of your Republicans that is so easily deceived by prevarication. Heck, I even drag my fellow Democrats over the coals for saying such outlandish things.

  5. Hey Mark,

    How would you like to debate Vic Covalt in a public forum? I know a couple of guys that are planning an event out in Alliance that would love to have you there for it. It would be a fantastic opportunity for you to show Vic that you have all the answers and he is just "silly."

    How about it?

  6. Back to the point about President Bush (41) doing the exact same thing as Obama. President Bush's speech didn't include prepared talking points for teachers (Isn't it usually teachers who give Democrats the talking points?), nor did the 1991 Dept. of Education suggest that the students think of ways to push the President's agenda.

    Maybe Republicans should not have suggested that concerned parents consider pulling their children from school that day. Maybe they should have done the exact same thing Democrats did after President Bush spoke to students: investigate and hold hearings.