Friday, September 18, 2009

Thank you Senator Johanns!

Nebraskans can be very proud of Senator Mike Johanns.

This past Monday he took to the Senate floor and thoughtfully articulated the reasons why the Senate should support his amendment to prevent taxpayer dollars in the transportation and housing appropriations bill from going to fund ACORN (Assoc. of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Thankfully, the Johanns Amendment passed. Now, as a result of Sen. Johanns' leadership, a national movement to completely wean ACORN from taxpayer dollars has started.

Employees of ACORN have been convicted of various acts of voter fraud and other illegal actions.

ACORN activists have been present and active in Nebraska as well, reportedly taking an active role in helping Democrats in Omaha.

Now, without the benefit of our taxpayer dollars, perhaps they'll pack their bags and go home.


  1. I'm also proud that Senator Johanns is taking up such an unimportant issue during the most important debate of our lifetimes (healthcare reform).

    Thanks for having such focused priorities, Senator!

  2. How long until he introduces a bill to support the Nebraska Women's Volleyball team? Maybe he should give Adrian Smith a call about that.

  3. What's worse? Supporting Nebraska volleyball or donating land to erect a statue of yourself ala Ben Nelson?

  4. Senator Johanns should be doing interviews on every news program in America for getting this amendment passed. Of course, that would require news organizations to actually start providing reasonable coverage to the ACORN scandal.

  5. Selective outrage anyone? ACORN is but a speck of dirt compared to the scope and scale of the big issues our Government is facing. ACORN received a little over 3 million per year for 15 years. Chump change. To add insult to injury, despite the witchunt, its anorganization that provides a much needed voice for low income and minority populations....of the same type that we have here in Nebraska. Unfortunately, the disturbing veer to the right from the normally steady Johanns signifies a disturbing trend towards obfuscation, and much less emphasis on true conservative values at the expense of grandstanding and fear mongering. How you can attack ACORN but somehow let the bailouts to AIG and the financials slide is beyond parody.

  6. It looks like Nelson did more than just donate the land where the statue dedicated to his greatness will be erected. The money for the statue itself was raised by the McCook Foundation via the Nebraska Community Foundation. Sen. Nelson is an honorary member of the Nebraska Community Foundation's board of directors.
    It looks like Sen. Nelson has a lot in common with Sen. Roland Burris. They'll each have erected monuments to their own egos.

  7. Mark,

    It looks like you have been called out for being a lying liar by NNN.

    If Kyle is wrong, then please, elucidate. I'm all ears.

  8. Mark, the party's over. The game is up, you're B-U-S-T-E-D!!

    Do you confirm or deny that you posted that on Twitter, and that you wrote that letter to the Lincoln Journal Star??