Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 5 Things We Learned About Nebraska Democrats During the Special Session

During this holiday season it is appropriate to give thanks to those whose work has benefited our own lives and the lives of others. One person I want to thank is Governor Dave Heineman. His leadership for our great state has been a tremendous blessing, especially his leadership in calling the recent special session of the Nebraska Legislature to deal with the impending budget problems now before it was too late. Most importantly, he insisted on addressing these looming budget issues without increasing the amount of our money that the government already takes from us.

But most of us already knew that Governor Heineman was a leader and a conservative. Nothing new was learned about our great governor as a result of the special session. But we did learn a few things about the Democrats in the Nebraska Legislature.

Over the new few postings I'll share my Top 5 Things We Learned About Nebraska Democrats During the Special Session. And without further adieu, Number 5:

Democrat Sen. Jeremy Nordquist Thinks Tax Increases Might Be the Answer

After the recent session, Sen. Jeremy Nordquist showed his true Democrat colors when he told the Omaha World-Herald that raising our taxes is something he wants the Legislature to take up.

"Sen. Jeremy Nordquist of Omaha said taxes would have to be part of the
discussion if the state faces repeated rounds of budget cutting." (emphasis added).

Congrats to Sen. Nordquist for revealing the Democratic agenda for the Nebraska Legislature!

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