Saturday, March 20, 2010

Numero Uno Issue for 2010 Elections: Illegal Immigration?

This week, the Nebraska Democratic Party announced that it enthusiastically supports giving Nebraska taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants. This announcement falls on the heels of an announcement that the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will support the Democrat's health care legislation after receiving promises from the Obama Administration that it will pursue "comprehensive" immigration reform this year.

Simply put: Democrats have unilaterally decided to make illegal immigration a focal point in the 2010 elections.

Illegal immigration is a significant issue in Nebraska and represents a significant issue in health care reform. To quote a rural Nebraska physician who contacted me today, "I have personally surveyed many [of my Nebraska physician colleagues who] abhor the $40,000 SUVs that unload and come to our front desks and then sign in as Medicaid patients. They tell us they quit their jobs to get the "cheap insurance" (i.e., Medicaid, paid for by you and me) which has no copays."

So, Nebraska Democrats, it looks like there are some things we CAN agree upon.

1. There is an interrelationship between health care reform and illegal immigration.

2. Illegal immigration is an issue in the 2010 elections.

Since we are in agreement that illegal immigration is a legitimate issue, now is the time for your candidates to stand up and tell Nebraskans where they stand.

Democrat State Sen. Tom White, would you vote in favor or against LB 1110 in the Nebraska Legislature?

Democrat State Sen. Steve Lathrop, yea or nay?

Democrat State Sen. Annette Dubas? Democrat State Sen. Norm Wallman?

Time to stand up and be counted.


  1. So, tell me, Mark, what kind of uniforms are your storm-troopers going to wear? And, will you wear them when you enter your church on Sunday? WWJD?

  2. According to the linked OWH article: 'When asked whether he would change his position if more women who couldn’t afford prenatal care chose abortion, [Gov. Heineman] said, “I think that question would be better directed to the Legislature.”'

    What is that supposed to mean? I don't believe the Governor is truly "pro-life."

    The Governor seems to seek voter arousal/approval on the backs of Latino immigrants. Sure, immigration law is a federal issue. But he could have just directed DHHS to shift these pregnant women's Medicaid coverage to SCHIP, correct? It would have been the right thing to do.

    You don't mean to characterize the majority of immigrants in Nebraska according to your physician friend's anecdote. . . do you?

    I'm grateful my state senator consistently shows thoughtfulness and compassion on these issues. It's nice, too, not to focus so much on senators' party affiliations--since the Unicameral is nonpartisan.

  3. Rebecca,

    I must respectfully disagree with you. The issue has nothing to do with pro-life (i.e., whether we recognize that life begins at conception and whether we have a personal responsibility to protect life). Rather, it's an issue of taxpayer funding--an entirely different issue.

    What if the child is 6 months? 12 months? At UN-L? Where does the taxpayer's obligation end? That's an entirely different question form when the PARENT'S obligation ends.

  4. Mark, I hope you understand that I do admire you and your work ethic very much, and I loved talking with you about stuff like this back in the day when I worked at your offices. All the best to you, man.