Thursday, July 22, 2010

A "Fun" Weekend of Tom White, George McGovern, Union Bosses and their Fellow Democrats

This weekend the Nebraska Democrat Party will hold its state convention in Columbus.  According to the Lincoln Journal-Star's Don Walton, their keynote speaker will be former Sen. George McGovern, the 1972 Democrat nominee for President. 

1972?  Really?  That's the best you can do?

I concede there are some things to admire about McGovern.  First, he served our country admirably in World War II as a decorated B-24 pilot. 

Second, once he left office and became a businessman by purchasing and operating a small Connecticut hotel, McGovern learned firsthand how government regulations can strangle business owners and kill job growth.  One example of McGovern's new found reasonableness is his opposition to one of the Democrats' priorities--Union card check.   This legislation--which would eviscerate the requirement for secret ballot elections for employees to decide whether they wish to be unionized--is a quid-pro-quo for Union boss campaign support.  Another is McGovern's support for tort reform

Here in Nebraska, partisan Democrat congressional candidate Tom White has taken positions counter to those advocated by McGovern.  White has joined Nancy Pelosi in SUPPORTING Union card check legislation and OPPOSING tort reform. 

One has to wonder if White will be joining McGovern on stage at this weekend's convention. 


  1. Really? Your speaker is Sen. Scott Brown who voted in direct opposition to all of the Republican Members of Congress. And, Sen. Brown is PRO-CHOICE, last time I checked the Republican party is pro-life and the current Republican leaders are.

    That, is what deserves the "really?"

  2. We're glad Sen. Brown is coming and we're thankful for Sen. Johanns' helping us get him here. Should be a great NEGOP Convention.

    And I'm glad you've returned to discussing public policy rather than spreading New York tabloid gossip and engaging in childish games. I suppose this is more along the lines of what Dick Holland has paid you to do.

  3. Jane,
    Perhaps you should check out the NEGOP platform at ( It refers to the use of tax-payer or public funds for supporting abortions, (except in the case of the safety of the mother) and that partial birth abortion should be illegal. All of which is in line with the position held by Sen. Brown as indicated by statements he has made (i.e. To generalize by using the term “PRO-CHOICE” (which is normally used to mean "in favor of abortions"), you miscatogorize not only the position held by Sen. Scott Brown, but also that of the NEGOP. It implies that if you are not PRO-CHOICE, then you are PRO-LIFE (i.e. against all abortions), and therefore insensitive to the rare issues of pregnancy due to incest or rape and the issue of the safety of the mother. None of which is true for either Sen. Scott Brown, or the NEGOP. Facts have a bad habit of deflating generalizations.

  4. Good to know that Johanns invited Brown, I wonder if the Right to Life folks know that?

    And, I'm not the one spreading rumors, just reporting on what over 40 other outlets reported on, that Rep. Lee Terry got drunk with a lobbyist.

    That is not what we send Members of Congress to DC to do.