Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just a name on the ballot

It appears that Nebraska Democrats have found a living, breathing Democrat to put his name on the ballot as the sacrificial lamb for this fall's gubernatorial election.   

It's Scottsbluff attorney Mike Meister.   Nebraska politicos will recall that Meister was soundly trounced in 2002 in his bid for Nebraska Attorney General, and once again defeated in 2006 in his bid for Scotts Bluff County Attorney.  Can't win a race for AG or even Scotts Bluff County Attorney?  Oh, what the heck, run for Governor against one of the most popular governor's in the nation!

Meister is not a legitimate candidate.  Meister is the Democrats' sacrificial lamb and, while he's at it, political smearer.  They know he can't win, so his job is to take every opportunity to maliciously attack Governor Heineman and the excellent job he has done for Nebraska.  

If Meister felt so strongly about Governor Heineman and the job he's doing, why didn't Meister become a candidate the legitimate way and enter last May's primary? 

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