Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Decision Day

It's Election Day.  By later tonight, we'll hopefully know whether the ship has been righted and balance has been restored in Washington, DC.  We'll know whether Nebraskans have granted our Republican House members and constitutional officers the honor of serving another term in office.  And we'll know whether Nebraskans have given Governor Heineman more Republican state senators to help him fight off attempts by the liberal Democrats to raise our taxes and expand the size, scope and cost of our state government.

A lot of work has gone into these elections.  Regardless of the outcomes, I want to express my sincere gratitude to our candidates and their families.  They have made significant sacrifices, and some have endured reprehensible personal attacks from Democrats and their liberal allies.  I want to thank our entire Nebraska Republican Party staff and the hundreds of volunteers (not just including the hundred or so members of the Gage family!) who staffed our phone banks and went door-to-door, all because they are rightly concerned about where the Obama/Pelosi Democrats are taking our great nation. 

Now, in the words of Rocky's trainer Mickey Goldmill, "What 'r we waitin' for?!"  Get out and WIN this election for Nebraska and America!


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