Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks and Let's Give Ben the Boot!

A word of thanks to my fellow Republicans who kindly elected me to a second 2-year term as Chairman of the Nebraska Republican Party.   I appreciate the opportunity to continue to serve and look forward to working together to give Ben Nelson the boot in 2012 and electing a Republican who doesn't support ObamaCare, wasteful earmarks and won't embarrass us with sleazy backroom deals like Nelson's Cornhusker Kickback.

At Saturday's Republican State Central Committee longtime Republican leader Tim O'Dell presented the NEGOP with a size 20 custom made boot--a single left boot given Nelson's support for liberal policies like ObamaCare--with the hand stitched lettering "Cornhuskers Kick Back".  Those contributing $100 or more to our Give Ben the Boot effort will have the opportunity to sign the boot.  It's fitting that the first contributor and signer was former NEGOP Chair and Omaha City Councilman Chuck Sigerson since he spent so much time educating Nebraskans on Nelson's penchant for breaking his promises, including his broken promise not to run for the U.S. Senate that helped lead to his eventual loss to Chuck Hagel.

If you are interested in contributing and signing the boot, call the NEGOP headquarters at 402.475.2122, or e-mail Erin at to make arrangements.

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