Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Democrats: Fix Medicare First

The Wall St. Journal had a thought-provoking editorial in its Thursday edition on President Obama's contradictions on health care reform, including his duplicity on Medicare.

An excerpt:

Maybe you're starting to fret about all those bureaucrats and bean-counters again. You shouldn't, according to Mr. Obama. "The only thing I would point is, is that Medicare is a government program that works really well for our seniors," he noted in Colorado. After all, as he said in New Hampshire, "If we're able to get something right like Medicare, then there should be a little more confidence that maybe the government can have a role—not the dominant role, but a role—in making sure the people are treated fairly when it comes to insurance."

The government didn't get Medicare right, though: Just ask the President. The entitlement is "going broke" (Colorado) and "unsustainable" and "running out of money" (New Hampshire). And it's "in deep trouble if we don't do something, because as you said, money doesn't grow on trees" (Montana).

So the health-care status quo needs top-to-bottom reform, except for the parts that "you" happen to like. Government won't interfere with patients and their physicians, considering that the new panel of experts who will make decisions intended to reduce tests and treatments doesn't count as government. But Medicare shows that government involvement isn't so bad, aside from the fact that spending is out of control—and that program needs top-to-bottom reform too.

Voters aren't stupid. The true reason ObamaCare is in trouble isn't because "folks aren't listening," but because they are.

Attention Democrats: Medicare will soon be bankrupt--Fix Medicare first. If you get that right, then let's move on to fixing what ails America's health care system beyond Medicare.


  1. Yeah, let's save money on Medicare so that we can spend it on good things like bridges to nowhere and a lot of military hardware that the Defense Dept. doesn't need or want. Let's get our priorities straight!

    Maybe we can start another unnecessary war too. That has always been proven to be a great use of our precious resources.

  2. Gee willikers Brian...Who has actually built a "bridge to nowhere?" It was the military that said Pelosi and Reid didn't need all the extra Lear jets and other aircraft to ferry them and their cronies about. The military I was in was pretty frugal...and I bet the one you were in was too.

    If you don't believe Medicare...Medicaid and the VA aren't ridden with fraud and abuse you aren't paying attention. Rather than bring all of America down...fix Medicaid and raise the income limits as a trial balloon to meet the needs of low-income America. It's in place...fix it and make it work better.

    The real problem is that both parties need to get a grip on reality...that reality being America as we once knew it is spinning out of control. It is going to require a sacrifice for all Americans...not just the guy over their under the tree. And believe me...there are many in the NEGOP leadership that are just as bad as the Democrats. The funny thing is no one in the NEGOP has shown Rush said today...the Republican Party is like an endangered specie...they just aren't being seen or heard.