Thursday, August 6, 2009

Nebraska Democrats' Arrogance Abounds

Nebraska newspapers are reporting that a statue of a young Ben Nelson is being erected in McCook. The statue, which apparently costs $70,000, is being funded through a donation from the McCook Foundation via the Nebraska Community Foundation.

Turns out that Ben Nelson donated the land on which the statue will be erected.

Hmmm. Wonder who donated the money to the McCook Foundation (or the Nebraska Community Foundation, previously run by Nelson's former Lt. Governor Maxine Moul)?

You have to hand it to Washington Ben Nelson and his fellow Democrats like Tom White. They take the cake when it comes to hubris and narcissism.


  1. So you put a photo of Lenin up there on your blog to make a point about Democrats? Mark ... grow up.

  2. Mark, the lord made you a lot of different things, funny just wasn't one of them. I think if a reasonable, moderate independent voter looked at Nelson's voting record and looked at this caricature you've made of him I think that Nelson would look reasonable and you'd look absurd.