Sunday, August 9, 2009

Seniors Know ObamaCare Means Rationing

It has been interesting to watch the members of Congress as they attempt to deal with citizen discontent over the Democrats' plan to nationalize our health care system. Americans are rightfully scared over what 535 members of Congress--yes, the same Congress that gave us "cash for clunkers" --will do as they attempt to centrally plan 16 percent of our economy. The citizen discontent is real--and the Democrats ignore it at their own peril.

As Peggy Noonan wrote in her Saturday column,

[T]he Democratic response has been stunningly crude and aggressive. It has been to attack. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the United States House of Representatives, accused the people at the meetings of “carrying swastikas and symbols like that.” (Apparently one protester held a hand-lettered sign with a “no” slash over a swastika.) But they are not Nazis, they’re Americans. Some of them looked like they’d actually spent some time fighting Nazis.

As I have watched the videos of these town hall meetings, it has been interesting to see that a significant number of those opposing nationalized health care are senior citizens. That's true nationally, and true here in Nebraska as well. The outrage of our nation's seniors has not gone unnoticed and was confirmed by a recent Washington Post article.

Senior citizens understand what the Democrats' proposed government takeover of health care means.

It means rationing.

And it means a loss of additional freedoms as government will decide who gets care, what kind of care they get, and when they get it.

That's not the America that so many of our seniors fought to protect and preserve. They understand that--a lot better than the Ben Nelsons, Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosis.


  1. First appointment to Death Panel.


  2. Mark, this doesn't make any sense to me. If Obama's health care reform is going to euthanize our most vulnerable elderly population, why does the AARP so vigorously support it...

    This doesn't add up to me, but then again I'm a product of a socialized school system so you explain to me why the AARP supports health care reform??

  3. Mark, how do you live with yourself? You spread lies, insane conspiracy theories, hate and fear as though they were the truth. Please stop just one minute and consider the consequences of what you are doing.

    What, really, would be wrong with "nationalizing" our health care system? Do you fear that all Americans would then have access to the kind of care that the Brits and French do? Maybe you should listen to what Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant humans that ever lived, has to say about his country's system (He's British.)

    "I wouldn't be here today if it were not for the NHS," Hawking told The Guardian. "I have received a large amount of high-quality treatment without which I would not have survived."

    The reason so many of our senior citizens are showing up at these town hall meetings to oppose nationalized health care is due to the fear mongering by you, and others in your party, have done. You have played to their fears and instilled these false ideas in their heads. Shame on you.

    If you want to tell the senior citizens about health care rationing, then tell them how those bureaucrats that work for the insurance companies are paid bonuses to deny them the care they have paid for with their premiums. The only way insurance companies make a profit is by DENYING health care to those that need it. Insurance companies already decide who gets care, what kind of care they get, and when (if ever) they get it.

    That is not the America that so many of our seniors, including me (U.S. Navy), fought to protect and preserve. By the way, Mark, since you are waving the flag so energetically, what branch of the armed services did you serve in?

  4. Brian...

    Is is possible that some highly paid and unnecessary bureaucrat decided that Hawking was still a "Valuable Asset to Society" and checked a box giving him advanced health care? I wonder if that bureaucrat or Doctor (receiving a paid incentive) would check off the "VATS" box for you or me? "Well...I see that he was a Navy Veteran...but that wasn't enough" - How would you like to hear that at your 5 year consultation?

    I chose to enroll my family in a good health insurance program early on in life. I chose to make finanical sacrifices to see my family has the best care possible. Until recently that investment went unused for the most part.

    We have both been sucking air on this planet long enough to realize how "government" whether it be Federal...State or Local..."runs things" We have been around long enough to see how well government has run Medicare...Medicaid and yes...the VA in some cases... with mismanagement and fraud. I don't want this chaos messing with a health care plan that is already working for me.

    I could ramble on and on...but this old 10 year Marine has to get on with living life. Do you think I will earn extra "life points" by serving when Fahleson hasn't?

  5. 1/3rd,

    I don't think any bureaucrat could have known that Hawking was going to grow up to be the freaking genius that he is. His health care needs were required from a very young age. An insurance company staffer that is offered a bonus for denying coverage is going to be a lot more inclined to sign your life away than a government staffer that neither gains nor loses from the decision.

    Yup, you think you've got great health care after all the years you've paid in. So did a lot of other folks that found out differently when the time came to finally need the benefits it was supposed to provide.

    I think that Medicare, Medicaid and yes...the VA in some cases... has done a far better job of providing for people than the for-profit insurance companies have been doing. I know that my own dad, also a Navy vet, owed his final thirty years to the treatment he got at the VA hospital in Grand Island.

    My problem with Fahleson's point about those who served is, how can he speak for me and other veterans if he isn't one of us? Too many right-wingers, including many of the chickenhawks in the last administration, had "other prioritities when it was time to serve, but loved to wave the flag as furiously as possible. That is what pisses me off.