Friday, August 27, 2010

Nancy Pelosi & Tom White: BFF

Democrat congressional candidate State Senator Tom White has produced his first television commercial of the election cycle.  Because he doesn't have enough money to put it on the air with any meaningful frequency, I'm not going to do his job for him and link it here.  Needless to say it's disingenuous.  

Oh, so much to say and so little space.   Here are a few points:
  • White decries the debt we keep piling on our kids as "just plain wrong."  We agree.  So why did White wholeheartledly support Nancy Pelosi's health care bill that contains the "public option" and would increase taxes and cost taxpayers over $1 trillion?  Why did Tom White say he would have voted in favor of Nancy Pelosi's "stimulus" bill that will cost taxpayers nearly $1 trillion?   Why does White's party continue to spend with reckless abandon without any concern for the federal deficit or national debt?
  • The voiceover tells us that White personally "cut millions in state government waste to balance the budget without raising taxes."  Tom White did?  By himself?  Really?  This is the same Tom White who voted to override seven of Governor Dave Heineman's vetoes of spending increases in the Nebraska Legislature (LB 321)?  The same Tom White who opposed the major budget balancing bill during the 2009 special session (LB 5)?
  • The ad claims White is "Nebraska Independence for Congress."  Why is Tom White embarrassed to say he's a Democrat?  If elected, and if Democrats maintain control of the House, White's first vote will be to elect Rep. Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.  She supports Tom White--ideologically and financially.  They give new meaning to the phrase "BFF--Best Friends Forever."
Nebraska doesn't need partisan, arrogant Democrat Tom White.  It needs to reelect Congressman Lee Terry to serve as a check-and-balance on Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party's radical agenda. 

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