Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Omaha--The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

In politics as well as in life, one must seize upon "teachable moments" when the present themselves.   In recent days we had just such a moment with respect to the push by Omaha Democrats to increase the tax burden in the Omaha area.

Too many people today say there is little difference between the political parties.  Nothing could be further from the truth, and the City of Omaha's recent budget debate presented us with that teachable moment. 

Democrats like to raise taxes.  They apparently can't help themselves--it's instinctive.   Republicans, on the other the hand, look first at making the tough decisions that are necessary to cut spending and reduce the size and scope of government. 

One need look no further than our state government as proof.  Republicans, led by Governor Dave Heineman and 32 Republican state senators, have balanced our state's budget in recent years without resorting to tax increases. 

By contrast, the Democrats in Omaha have proposed instituting new taxes, increasing existing taxes, adding additional administrative positions, and giving pay increases to top administration officials.  The Omaha Democrats have signed off on costly, ill-advised union contracts as political quid-pro-quo for the political support they received from the Union bosses. 

Indeed, there is a difference between the two political parties. 

Today we called a press conference in Omaha to illustrate this point.  I, along with other Republican party officials and Omaha-area State Senators Bob Krist, Beau McCoy, John Nelson and Rich Pahls, explained the difference between the Democrats' approach of "higher taxes first" and the Republicans' approach of "cut government first." 

This coming November, voters in Omaha will have a chance to cast their vote in favor of which ideology they prefer. 

Republican Congressman Lee Terry has established a steady track-record of supporting reductions in government spending rather than increasing the tax burden on Nebraska families and job creators. 

Democrat Tom White?  Well, he's a Democrat who, like Democrat Mayor Jim Suttle, instinctively believes that increasing taxes is the solution.  His public support for the Pelosi-version of health care legislation (which included the "public option") speaks volumes of his liberal ideological bent. 

So, voters of Nebraska's Second Congressional District--which political philosophy do you choose?  Let your voices be heard on November 2nd.

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