Wednesday, August 25, 2010

November 2: Job Creators v. Job Killers

Lately, I have found reading and listening to the news to be a depressing exercise.  Record high national unemployment.  Astronomic federal budget deficits.  Unsustainable national debt.  National sales of new homes falling to the lowest level in 47 years.  Socialized medicine, i.e., ObamaCare.  Intolerant radical Muslims pushing forward with plans to build a mosque adjacent to Ground Zero.  Citizen referendums barring state-sanctioned homosexual "marriage" erased by unelected, unrepresentative judges.  Continued demands by liberals that we must look the other way and not enforce our laws against illegals.  The Obamas' perpetual, taxpayer-funded vacation.  More and higher taxes in Omaha thanks to the Democrat Mayor and City Council. 

America is reaching a boiling point, yet the liberal elites in the Obama Administration and Congress just don't get it.

Soon they will.

The liberal Democrats will soon hear from the majority of Americans who oppose their radical ideology.  Here in Nebraska, we'll send that message by re-electing solid, common-sense conservatives like Congressman Lee Terry, and rejecting arrogant partisan Democrats like Tom White. 

Nationally, November 2 boils down to a battle between Job Creators and Job Killers.  As eloquently explained in a fantastic, must see recent speech by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, America's future depends upon electing a Congress that is a check-and-balance on the Obama/Reid/Pelosi radical agenda.

The time has come for Americans to rise up and draw a line in the sand.  No more.

After watching Gingrich's speech, I challenge you to tell me one thing that he's wrong about.  He nailed our current condition--and the solution--on the head.

Remember November!

12 Weeks from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

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