Friday, October 15, 2010

Nebraska Democrats Continue to Run Stealth Candidates

Today I received in my mail the 2010 Voter's Guide from Family First.  This factual, issue-oriented guide provides voters with important information on candidate views on issues such as illegal immigration, gambling, right-to-work, abortion, homosexuality, health care and the Commission of Industrial Relations (responsible for interpreting and enforcing the law that has resulted in significant property tax increases across our state). 

Relevant information, right?

Apparently the Democrats don't want you to know what their positions on these issues are.  Democrat candidates such as Steve Lathrop (the master liberal stealth candidate), Teresa Whitehead (who, when telling the truth, admits she supports ObamaCare and wants to boycott Arizona for opposing illegal immigration), Kent Rogert (a solid Democrat vote when they need him), Amanda McGill (who doesn't want her district to know she supports infanticide), Norm Wallman (still waiting for some Union boss to fill out the form for him) and Danielle Conrad Nantkes (perhaps the most liberal senator since Ernie Chambers). 

Nebraska voters need to hold these Democrats accountable for their failure to answer and be honest with voters as to what their positions are.   This is what Nebraska Democrats have been reduced to--deny, lie, hide and hope that you'll get elected. 

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