Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Truth About Democrat Theresa Whitehead

Democrat legislative candidate Theresa Whitehead has taken a page out of the Nebraska Democrat playbook in her attempt to get elected.  Page One:  Don't tell anyone you are a Democrat.  Page Two:  Intentionally mislead voters to think you are actually a conservative Republican. 

Well, before the Democrat Party handlers got ahold of her, candidate Whitehead was candid with a few voters about her enthusiasm for the Obama Administration and its plan to nationalize our health care system, her support of amnesty for illegals, and her rather extreme decision to personally boycott the State of Arizona over its decision to address the issue the illegal immigration.  We felt it was important that voters knew the truth about Theresa Whitehead, so we sent out an educational piece to Sarpy County voters:

Voters have a choice.  Republican Jim Smith is a small businessman who understands the needs of the Papillion community.  He'll work hard to balance our budget without raising taxes, and he won't support giving taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants.

Tim Gay admirably represented this district, and Jim Smith is a great replacement.  His views mirror those of the district.   Theresa Whitehead's views, when she's telling the truth, do not.


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  2. Well obviously during those 23 years of service she didn't learn anything about the U.S. Constitution and its limitations on the federal government or the meaning of "illegal." Nebraskans are fed up with liberal Democrats who try to hide their true colors to get elected.

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