Sunday, October 31, 2010

24 Hours Before We Win America Back

In just a few hours Election Day will be upon us.  Both here in Nebraska as well as throughout the nation, Republicans and Independents remain excited about Tuesday's elections.  Our folks are enthusiastically manning phone banks and going door-to-door to make sure every center-right voter in America votes on Tuesday. 

The Democrats, on the other hand, are struggling to energize their liberal voters.  Reports are that President Obama is speaking to half-filled auditoriums.  In Lincoln, Democrats are also struggling with motivating their base, so today they brought out their secret weapon:

Coleen Seng, former mayor of Lincoln! 

Yes, former Mayor Seng was the big draw at the Nebraska Democrat's "rally" today in Lincoln in Havelock.  And what a rally it was.  By our spotter's count there were 28 people in attendance, most of whom were candidates, candidate representatives, or members of the loony left supporting Ivy Harper for Congress.  The "rally" waited and waited, first for Mayor Chris Beutler, and then the media, who never showed.  But one has to assume that everyone was there to hear old Mayor Seng herself.  It truly is a sign of the sad shape of the Democrat party that they have to rely upon the most unenergetic, unenthusiastic, uninspiring former elected official to "fire up" the base. 

And why did the Democrats have to schedule this last minute "rally"?  Their polling, and likely the polling of their affiliate Nebraska State Education Association (conducting sleazy political attacks under the pseudonym "Nebraskans for Responsible Government"), shows what our polling shows--incumbent Democrat Danielle Nantkes-Conrad is trailing in the polls to Republican small businessman Chad Wright, and incumbent Democrat Amanda McGill is in a dead heat with newcomer Republican Tom Dierks.  

In recent days Nantkes-Conrad, McGill and their supporters have engaged in what may turn out to be the most dishonest campaign in Nebraska history. 

Mailers and telephone calls are going into these races claiming that Nantkes-Conrad and McGill are actually in line with Governor Heineman (FALSE--both have repeatedly opposed his agenda of lower taxes and less spending and Governor Heineman has endorsed Wright and Dierks).  These same dishonest propaganda pieces also distort their record on illegal immigration (both Nantkes-Conrad and McGill SUPPORT giving taxpayer-funded benefits to people who are in the United States illegally; their Republican opponents do not). 

Are you fed up with the dishonesty of the Democrats and the union bosses and other special interests that support their failed agenda?  If so, join me in:

  • Phone banking at the Nebraska Republican Party at 16th & N Street on Monday (we'll order in food for lunch and will call until 9 p.m) and Tuesday (same deal--we'll call until the polling places are closed).  Can you give us at least 1 hour in the next 2 days to help us fight back the Democrats deceitful campaign????;
  • Going door-to-door in targeted precincts--stop by and we'll give you a packet and instructions.  Again, we can give you a packet that will take just 1 hour; and
  •  Voting Republican on Tuesday--your Republican Voter's Guide can be found here.  We need to send a message that Nebraska stands with the rest of the nation in opposing the radical Obama/Pelosi agenda and the dishonesty of today's Democrat Party and the liberal special interests that support their deceitful efforts.

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Time is Now!

One of my favorite grassroots activities each election cycle is door-to-door.  Recently I had the pleasure of going door-to-door with my 3 daughters in support of John Knabe for Nebraska Legislature.  We were warmly received by voters (most of whom had no idea that they were supposedly "represented" by Democrat Norm Wallman), as was the Republican message.

We're now in the final stretch.  While it is true that most of Republican candidates face little or no opposition here in Nebraska (another reason why Nebraska is "The Good Life"), we need to let America know that we do not like the direction the Democrats are taking our country.  If we are going to send a message that will be heard across our country, NOW IS THE TIME.  It's imperative in these next few days to get Republicans and right-center Independents out to vote.  If you have even 1 hour to give to help make phone calls or go door-to-door in these last few days, please contact Taylor Gage at or call him at 402.475.2122.

Remember November and be certain to vote on November 2.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nebraska Democrats Continue to Run Stealth Candidates

Today I received in my mail the 2010 Voter's Guide from Family First.  This factual, issue-oriented guide provides voters with important information on candidate views on issues such as illegal immigration, gambling, right-to-work, abortion, homosexuality, health care and the Commission of Industrial Relations (responsible for interpreting and enforcing the law that has resulted in significant property tax increases across our state). 

Relevant information, right?

Apparently the Democrats don't want you to know what their positions on these issues are.  Democrat candidates such as Steve Lathrop (the master liberal stealth candidate), Teresa Whitehead (who, when telling the truth, admits she supports ObamaCare and wants to boycott Arizona for opposing illegal immigration), Kent Rogert (a solid Democrat vote when they need him), Amanda McGill (who doesn't want her district to know she supports infanticide), Norm Wallman (still waiting for some Union boss to fill out the form for him) and Danielle Conrad Nantkes (perhaps the most liberal senator since Ernie Chambers). 

Nebraska voters need to hold these Democrats accountable for their failure to answer and be honest with voters as to what their positions are.   This is what Nebraska Democrats have been reduced to--deny, lie, hide and hope that you'll get elected. 

Mike Flood--A Leader for Nebraska's Future

A special congratulations goes out to Speaker Mike Flood for being recognized as one of Time Magazine's "40 Under 40." An honor well-deserved for a conservative Republican who has worked hard to represent his district and our great state. Senator Flood has a very bright future ahead, indeed.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's (True) Folly

Couldn't pass up sharing this e-mail I received from a trustworthy friend yesterday:

I was leaving Montgomery, AL airport earlier this week and the TSA agent checking my ID asked-

TSA Guy: Nebraska, huh?

Me: (awaiting a Husker comment, I responded) Yes, sir.

TSA Guy: Isn't that where Ben Nelson is from?

Me: Unfortunately, why?

TSA Guy: Isn't he the one who did the Cornhusker Kickback?

Me: Unfortunately, yes.

TSA Guy: He needs to go.

Me: I couldn't agree more.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Truth About Democrat Theresa Whitehead

Democrat legislative candidate Theresa Whitehead has taken a page out of the Nebraska Democrat playbook in her attempt to get elected.  Page One:  Don't tell anyone you are a Democrat.  Page Two:  Intentionally mislead voters to think you are actually a conservative Republican. 

Well, before the Democrat Party handlers got ahold of her, candidate Whitehead was candid with a few voters about her enthusiasm for the Obama Administration and its plan to nationalize our health care system, her support of amnesty for illegals, and her rather extreme decision to personally boycott the State of Arizona over its decision to address the issue the illegal immigration.  We felt it was important that voters knew the truth about Theresa Whitehead, so we sent out an educational piece to Sarpy County voters:

Voters have a choice.  Republican Jim Smith is a small businessman who understands the needs of the Papillion community.  He'll work hard to balance our budget without raising taxes, and he won't support giving taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants.

Tim Gay admirably represented this district, and Jim Smith is a great replacement.  His views mirror those of the district.   Theresa Whitehead's views, when she's telling the truth, do not.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Great Week on the Road to Victory

It's now officially less than one month until Election Day when we send the message that we do not want our nation to continue down the road to socialism that the Obama/Pelosi/White Democrats are taking us.  As Election Day draws near, we continue to feel the momentum build here in Nebraska, and this past weekend was no exception.

On Friday night we held our HALapalooza fundraising roast of former Omaha Mayor/U.S. Congressman Hal Daub.  It was a great event--we actually oversold the event and had to find additional tables for the 40+ unexpected guests who showed up to honor Hal and help out the NEGOP.  The event exceeded all our goals--including the honoring Hal and his achievements and having some fun doing it. 

On Saturday we held our State Central Committee meeting at Bellevue University, where we were treated with a great speech by former Congressman Jon Christensen.  Congressman Christensen was first elected in 1994, the historic election during which the Republicans overtook control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years.   Congressman Christensen told attendees that the energy level this year is even higher than in 1994, but that we must make sure that we keep the energy and momentum going thru Election Day.

On Saturday afternoon literally hundreds of volunteers went door-to-door in Sarpy County, Omaha and Lincoln for our candidates.  Some of us like me who were physically limited in their ability to go door-to-door chose to help at our phone banks, like the one at the Douglas County Republican Party at 125th & Center.  The phone system we are using is very slick and efficient.  The response I received was overwhelmingly positive.  My favorite was the voter who responded "Obama is taking our country down the toilet" to every question I posed.   Candid, succinct, and accurate. 

On Sunday I attended the 5-county GOP BBQ in Johnson, Nebraska, where we heard from Senator Johanns. Governor Heineman, Congressman Fortenberry, Attorney General Bruning, Secretary of State Gale, State Treasurer candidate Don Stenberg, and a host of other candidates and elected officials.  Southeast Nebraska is bedrock Republican territory--thanks to all who organized this great bi-annual event. 

If you can help with our phone banks this week, we'd love to have your help.  Contact the NEGOP at 402.475.2122 for more information.